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Hello, world.

Welcome to the Kirb Appeal blog.  We’re so glad you accidentally clicked on that link found your way here through all the noise and chaos on the Internet.

Why, you might be asking, does the world need another blog?  And, you might be thinking, don’t you know it is spelled C-U-R-B Appeal?

Great questions.  You seem to have an abnormally large intellect.

Our mission is simple: We want to help you be the best you possible and to have fun doing it.  We’ll bring you ideas, stories, and lessons about how to be the best version of you.  We’ll talk about love, gratitude, joy, and perseverance.  We’ll laugh together.  We may cry together.  We may even laugh until we cry together.

And yes, we do know how to spell.  Kirb Appeal is the brainchild of Matt Kirby, famous American hero (one out of three isn’t bad).  Technically Matt’s dad came up with the name, so Kirb Appeal is really the braingrandchild of Matt’s father. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  And thank you for being awesome.