Happiness and the Coronavirus

“How do you expect me to be happy when the global economy is collapsing, there’s some mysterious virus out there waiting for me, and I’m quarantined with my family in close quarters for the foreseeable future?”

A very valid question.  How the world has changed in the last few days.

It’s interesting how a global pandemic causes one to appreciate the simple things in life.  Filling out a March Madness bracket, going to see your favorite band in concert, actually attending school.  All of those activities disappeared in the blink of an eye over the last week.

Gratitude is an important practice here.  Once things “get back to normal,” be sure to not take for granted the opportunity to go to church, see a movie, or give a group hug to 100 people.  

Now, if you and your family and friends are healthy, give thanks. If you have a safe place to call home and are not unreasonably worried about paying next month’s rent or mortgage payment, give thanks.  If you have the opportunity to take an unprecedented pause from the chaos and busyness of everyday life, give thanks. Let us be grateful for this moment in time.

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